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sapphire green color,sapphire melting point,green sapphire color chart
sapphire green color,sapphire melting point,green sapphire color chart

Sapphire Green color Crystal Boule

  • Advantages of Emerald Crystal
  • High hardness - 9H(Mohs Hardness)
  • Scratch resistance
  • Abrasion resistance
  • High mechanical strength
  • High temperature resistance
  • Good thermal stability
  • High optical production rate

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Sapphire melting point and color chart of green sapphire


Introduction of Sapphire Green Color

Sapphire Green color crystal is a single crystal.

It's a kind of Corundum, also known as Al2O3.

Sapphire Green color crystal is a favored material for high-performance system and component designs due to its favorable chemical, electrical, mechanical, optical, surface, thermal, and durability qualities.

In comparison to other synthetic single-crystals, sapphire green color crystal is the greatest choice for a variety of semiconductor applications.


Sapphire Green color Growth-Czochralski Method


The Czochralski process (Cz) is the most widely used method for manufacturing large single crystals, such as sapphire green color crystal, for use in electrical and optical components.

This technique is commonly used to generate semiconducting material crystals.

The crystal's shape is no longer constrained by the shape of the crucible.

The charge is melted and kept at a temperature just above the sapphire melting point in this procedure.

The pulling rod is lowered until it comes into contact with the melt.

Melt happens at the pointed tip of the pulling rod because the rod is at a lower temperature.

The crystal is slowly drawn.

The pulling rate is affected by parameters such as thermal conductivity, the latent heat of fusion of the charge, and the cooling rate of the pulling rod.

To keep the grow crystal regular and cylindrical, the seed is rotated.


Benefits of Using the Czochralski Method

This technique is used to create enormous single crystals.

There is no direct contact between the crucible walls and the crystal, which aids in the formation of a single, unstressed crystal.

Sapphire Green color Crystal Boule


Properties of Synthetic Sapphire

Synthetic Sapphire

corundum single crystal

Crystal System


Chemical formula




Specific gravity

3.99 ÷ 3.98


a=4.785Å, C=12.991Å





Transmission Range

170-6500nm, >80% in IR range

Melting Point


Softenig Point


Specific Heat

0.418 W.s/g/K

Thermal Conductivity

25.12 W/m/K

Thermal Shock Resistance

790 W/m

Thermal Expansion Coefficient


Chemical Resistance

unattacked by common acids or NaOH

acids and alkalis attack at 300°C


Dielectric Constant

11.5°C (Parallel to the c-axis) 103-1010Hz 25
9.3°C (Perpendicular to the c-axis) 103-1010Hz 25


9 Mohs

Refractive Index

1.83 @0.26 m, 1.76 @0.63 m, 1.58 @5.57 m



Applications of Synthetic Sapphire



Sapphire substrates

Silicon on sapphire wafers

Superconductor substrate,LED,Transparent electronic substrate

IR Detectors

Watch Industry

Sapphire Watch glasses, watch cases, and gauge

Analytical applications

UV and IR Optics- as infrared filters in military and industrial application

NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) tubes

Analytical chemistry - for mass spectroscopy, ICAP, and other systems

Sample preparation 

Medical applications:


Endoscope lenses

Sapphire knives

Surgical tips


FLIR(Forward Looking Infra Red) windows for sensors and other optics;

Windows for erosion resistance in salt and blowing sand environments

Countermeasures lamps: sapphire flash lamps are used in IRCM's (Infra red countermeasures)

Optical applications

High temperature and pressure windows

Illumination windows

Sapphire light guides - sapphire rods

Optical components: lenses, prisms and other laser and infrared optics


Sapphire Necklace, rings, earrings,brace lace


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