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sapphire glass for watches,watch glass sapphire,sapphire cover
sapphire glass for watches,watch glass sapphire,sapphire cover

Sapphire glass for Watches –sapphire glass Pot Cover

  • Watches with sapphire curved glass watches provide a number of advantages.
  • Transparency is high.
  • High mechanical toughness
  • Resistance to high temperatures
  • Resistance to scratches
  • Resistance to abrasion
  • Shape that can be customized
  • Color is an optional feature.

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sapphire glass for watches


With a Mohs hardness of 9, synthetic sapphire is the hardest of all known oxide crystals. Synthetic sapphire is only second to diamond in terms of hardness, and it keeps its tremendous strength even at high temperatures. Synthetic sapphire crystals offer outstanding electrical and dielectric properties, as well as good thermal qualities. Synthetic sapphire also combines zero porosity with near-complete resistance to acids and alkalis. Synthetic sapphire is insoluble in the watch and only reacts at high temperatures of over 300 degrees Celsius with hydrofluoric acid, phosphoric acid, and potassium hydroxide. A sapphire watch crystal is a watch face made of sapphire crystal. Sapphires are employed because of their resilience, toughness, and attractive appearance.


Why use sapphire glass for watches


A synthetic sapphire crystal, also known as "glass," is not glass. It's a translucent, extremely durable substance created by crystallizing pure aluminum oxide at extremely high temperatures. Synthetic sapphire glass for watches has the same hardness as natural sapphire gemstones, but it lacks the coloring chemicals that give them their different colors. The synthetic sapphire creates circular masses when heated, which are then cut into pieces with diamond-coated saws. After that, the disks are ground and polished to become watch crystals. (Sapphire crystals are quite pricey due to the high cost of the instruments necessary to cut and polish this incredibly hard stone.) Sapphire is one of the hardest substances on the planet, whether natural or man-made. Sapphire glass for watches is frequently marketed as "scratch resistant" or "nearly scratch-proof" since they are extremely difficult to scratch, but not impossible.


Most watch cases can be bonded into sapphire watch glasses, and most plastic watch crystal gaskets can be pressure fit into sapphire watch glasses. Each sapphire watch crystal has a gently polished bevel edge that gives the watch crystal a great finished look after installation. These generic sapphire glass crystals can be used to replace the watch crystals in practically any name-brand watch on the market today, including high-end watch crystals such as those found in Rolex watches, saving you time and money.





Size Tolerance


Edge Finish

Ground and beveled

Surface Quality

40-20 scratch-dig

Surface Flatness



≤3 arc min(≤0.9mrad)

Clear Aperture

>80% of central diameter


1370 kg/mm2

Young's modulus


Thermal Limit


Thermal expansion coefficient



Product Detail 

Sapphire glass for Watches –sapphire glass Pot Cover

Sapphire glass for Watches –sapphire glass Pot Cover

Sapphire glass for Watches –sapphire glass Pot Cover

Product Process

Sapphire glass for Watches –sapphire glass Pot Cover


Sapphire glass for Watches –sapphire glass Pot Cover

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